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What’s URBEX

The Urban Exploration, better known as URBEX or UE, is a discipline of exploration of industrial zones, abandoned buildings or places built by man and taken by nature. In the postindustrial era in which we live innumerable environments created by the hand of man have fallen into oblivion, being claimed by gangs, graffiti artists or nature itself.

Why exploring

Each Urban Explorer finds a reason that pushes him to explore. Some do it because they find an artistic beauty, hidden and decrepit, in the crumbling constructions of society, others explore by the emotion and sensation of adventure transmitted to them by infiltrating in areas beyond reasonable limits, being in places that are not usually accessible or whose passage is specially vetoed (even by law) or simply being able to contemplate things out of sight of other people.

Doesn’t matter the motive that drives each explorer, it is undeniable that the URBEX has grown exponentially in recent years.

The lack of barriers to start exploring helps to motivate the participants. For simple explorations, you just need a flashlight, water and desire to discover. Of course you cannot forget a camera to take pictures of the findings. For explorations of higher level of difficulty, we recommend that you visit our SAFETY GUIDE and our EQUIPMENT GUIDE.

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Rules of URBEX

“Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints”. Memorize and repeat this mantra as the main rule that should govern our behavior. Do not take anything away, just enjoy the exploration.

There are a few unwritten Rules if you want to practice URBEX, but even if they are not in a book does not mean they are not important if you want your explorations to be respected and recognized by this urban culture. Do not worry, they are common sense based:

  1. Not to be seen when entering a place. In many cases you can commit a trespass crime. You also don’t want to call the attention of curious people who do not understand the reason or they may think that we are going to cause damage in the place.
  2. Do not break anything. As clear and direct as that. Despite the abandonment, every place has a legitimate owner. In addition to the potential crime of property damage, everything you break will detract from the experience of future explorers. Respect the locations.
  3. Do not steal anything. Same principles as the previous rule. Stealing is ugly fuck.
  4. Do not share the addresses of abandoned places with people who are not our total confidence. This last norm is the one that generates the most confusion. The reason for it is NOT to take the secret to the grave but to respect and ensure that the abandonments are preserved in the best way only by sharing with people we know that follows the rules and will do the same. When we make a “virgin” location public, we expose it to looting and vandalism …
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