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Do you already have all your equipment to do the best urban explorations? We’ll help you to equip yourself with some ideas of what you must take to enjoy the explorations and to immortalize those secret and decadent places.


Take everything you need comfortably with you. Freedom is essential to move agilely in the incursions.


A comfortable pants with pockets will be your best ally to move.

Face protection

Protect yourself from the cold, dust, odors … or simply go unnoticed and anonymously so as not to be recognized in the explorations.


Avoid puncture or crush injuries with these tactical boots.


To climb, move objects, or whatever arises in your explorations. Protect your hands from wounds or abrasions.


Ensure where you step and explore with good LED lighting.

Protection against the environment

If you plan to explore tunnels or subways, it is better to be prepared to detect any problem with the air. It is more dangerous than it seems.


You will not always be able to easily get there where you want. Safety first.


If the roof has fallen partly … it can continue to fall. Some places are more dangerous than we think.


Only some ideas of the equipment necessary to take the best photos. Choose a good camera to have good captures of your urban explorations, a lens and a tripod.

Photography books

Get inspired with these great URBEX photography books. Mastery is obtained through observation and practice.

Urbex Guides

Whether you are starting or you are already a professional, in these exploration guides you will find information and inspiration.