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Before leaving to explore, make sure you have all your equipment ready. It’s really important knowing in advance the dangers that we can face during our explorations.

Essential Gear

First, wear comfortable clothes, minimum protection in feet and hands, flashlight, water and some food if you anticipate a long exploration. Logically to carry all that you will need a backpack. With this basic equipment you could start in the simplest explorations.

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Exploring tunnels and undergrounds

You must bear in mind that urban exploration in tunnels or underground is highly dangerous, although it may not seem so. First of all, NEVER explore tunnels alone. Avoid always exploring alone, but in this case take it as a firm rule.

It’s very easy to get disoriented underground, due to the lack of references and poor lighting. This is the first important point, equip powerful lighting and spare batteries.


Always tell someone you trust where you plan to explore before entering the location. It is very possible that you have no signal to use your mobile phone in case of emergency in a tunnel .

Be very careful with the gases and dust particles. It is highly recommended to carry oxygen and CO2 level detectors with you, as well as a mask with a minimum P95 protection for particles. The accumulation of gases and dust can be very harmful, in addition, it is very likely that you will find some dead animal along the way and the smell is not very pleasant.

Structures and height

A fall from more than 2 meters can be very painful. From URBEXARTE we don’t recommend that you climb structures, roofs, or walls without minimal equipment. We want you to keep exploring a lot of time;)

Therefore, even if it sounds excessive, assess whether you will need basic climbing equipment to be able to ascend or ensure descents. The helmet won’t only be useful in climbing, but also to safely explore in abandoned places with falling objects danger.

Training and information

Do not start exploring like crazy. In this passion, common sense is key. Learn about how to explore and react in certain dangerous situations you may encounter.

Document the abandonment as much as possible before going. If you know someone who has visited it before, ask directly what dangers you are going to face to be properly equipped.

This is just a basic guide of equipment to practice urban exploration, sure that, with your experience, you can complete it.

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